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Wireless Weather Monitoring Systems

Cost effective and efficient

Ratnik Industries is proud to introduce the Ratnik AutoSno Wireless Weather Monitoring System. Our weather monitoring system is a cost-effective solution that will help your snowmaking operations run more efficiently and conveniently. We have designed this system to solve many of the problems associated with existing weather data collection systems.

How does the AutoSno Weather Monitoring System work?

Remote stations feature temperature and relative humidity sensors connected to a wireless radio transmitter. The remote stations report directly to a central hub, which receives the remote station data. The central hub outputs the data in Ethernet protocol for display by a Ratnik AutoSno system computer. If challenging topography exists, multiple hubs can be installed and data is relayed back to the control room computer.

  • Up to 15 remote stations can operate on a single network.
  • Field setup is very straightforward, with systems pre-configured prior to shipment.

The most important feature is that the Temp/RH field units are battery powered and do not require line power. A lithium battery pack can operate the system for more than 1 year before needing replacement. For remote stations that are not easily accessible for maintenance, a solar panel option is available, eliminating the need for battery replacement. Servicing the system is very simple and does not require technical training.


  • Battery Powered - No Line Power or Communication Wires Required.

  • Portable - Can Be Easily Moved to Different Locations.

  • Remote Outdoor Weather Stations Feature Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensors.

  • Remote Stations Can Also Read Other Remote Sensors Such as Flow Meters, Pressure and Level Sensors.

  • Simple to Set Up and Maintain.

  • Includes Sensors to Monitor and Alarm Abnormal Weather Conditions.

  • Solar Backup Power Option Available.

  • Wind Monitor Option Available.

  • System is Modular and Expandable and Can Grow with Snow Resort Needs.

  • Wireless remote stations are battery powered and can be easily moved at any time.

  • After the snowmaking season has ended, remote stations can be removed and stored to minimize exposure to summer lightning storms.

  • System is not susceptible to line power surges and will continue to operate if line power is lost.

  • A remote station can be mounted on a sled and easily relocated to provide weather data at any particular location.