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Water Pumps

Custom pumping solutions to fit your needs.

If you need to move water, look to Ratnik Industries. From retrofits to new construction, single pump replacement to newly designed systems, manual to fully automatic operation, you’ll find we have a pumping solution to meet your unique requirements. And at a price that offers the best value in the industry.

We’re experienced – with hundreds of Ratnik designed and engineered pumping installations worldwide. As an authorized OEM for many manufacturers, some of the pump types that we offer are described below.


  • Vertical and Horizontal Pumps with Motors

  • VFD Variable Speed Drives

  • Microprocessor Controllers

  • Prefabricated Skid Pump Stations

  • Valves and Accessories

  • CAD Generated Installation Drawings

Product Detail

Water Pumping System

5,000 GPM (315.0 CU. meter/min)

Underground Water Pumping Station

5,800 GPM (366.0 liters per second)

Water Pumping System

6,000 GPM (380.0 liters per second)

Water Pumping System

400 H.P., 870 GPM (54.9 liters per second)

Bottom Suction Pump

The Bottom Suction Vertical Pump is used to pump water from a pond, lake or river water source. The water is directed into a wet well inside a pump house and the pump lifts water up from the wet well.

Horizontal Booster Pump

The Booster Pump is used to increase system water pressure on the upper part of the mountain. Low energy and fan snow guns work best with higher water pressure.