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Snowmaking System Sensors

Precision measurements for enhanced efficiency


We offer very precise digital air and water flow meters to make it easy for you to measure your snowmaking efficiency. Water flow meters allow you to measure water use and snow production, and air flow meters allow you to measure compressed air flows.

Water Level, Pressure & Temperature Sensors

We offer level pressure and temperature sensors to monitor conditions in snowmaking pump and compressor buildings.


  • Pressure sensors to measure air and water pressures.

  • Air and Water Temperature Sensors to verify that your compressed air and water remain at the ideal temperature for snow production.

  • Electric Power Sensors to monitor electric power used.

  • Sensors to monitor and alarm low flows, high flows, or abnormal pressures and temperatures.

Product Detail

Magnetic Water Flow Meter

Available for 1,000 – 10,000+ GPM Flows

Vortex Compressed Air Flow Meter

Available in sizes from 1,000 – 20,000+ CFM

Water Level Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Temperature Sensor