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Closed Loop Compressor Cooling Systems

Eliminate the costly use of snowmaking water for inner cooling.

Ratnik Automatic Closed-Loop Cooling Systems provide air compressor inner cooling without using valuable snowmaking water for cooling. Closed-Loop Cooling Systems are compatible with a wide variety of air compressors. Each system consists of a central pump and control skid and remote heat exchangers. A 50/50 mixture of glycol and water is circulated through a field installed piping circuit, transferring heat from the air compressor(s) to the remote heat exchangers. The pump and control skid monitors the fluid and automatically adjusts to maintain consistent temperature. Pump and control skids are completely pre-wired to simplify installation. Skids include all automatic controls, fluid sensors, fan and pump motor starters, service valves, and a pump and surge tank. Heat exchangers are mounted outdoors and are cooled with a series of axial blower fans.


  • Reduce corrosion of compressor inner cooling heat exchangers.

  • Closed-loop systems are clean, reducing costly maintenance associated with the use of circulating cooling water from ponds and streams.

  • Reduce environmental impact by eliminating discharge of warm water into rivers and streams.

  • Constant coolant temperature is provided to each compressor, optimizing compressor performance.

  • Systems using 50% concentration of glycol are freeze-proof to -40°F.

  • Fully automatic controls simplify operation.

  • Pre-wired controls and prefabricated manifolds simplify installation.

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Air Compressor System

Air Compressor Inner Cooling Heat Exchangers

Air Compressor System

Air Compressor Inner Cooling Heat Exchangers

Automatic Circulating Pump and Control Skid