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Water Angle Valves

Made in-house. Subject to the highest quality standards.

All Ratnik snowmaking hydrants are manufactured in-house at our corporate headquarters, allowing us to be most responsive to customer requirements and ensure that our equipment meets strict quality standards.


  • Low Profile

  • Ideal for above-ground and shallow bury pipelines.

  • Also available with automatic drain installed.

  • Hardened and ground stainless steel plug in seat for durability

Additional Specs

Angle Valve Specifications

Inlet - 1-1/2" OR 2" Dia. Male national pipe thread
Outlet - 1-1/2" OR 2" Dia. Quick-connect fitting
Rating - UP TO 1,000 PSI W.O.G (70.0 BAR)
Height - 12" (.30 M)
Water Flow (1-1/2") - 0-120 GPM (0-7.6 LPS)
Water Flow (2") - 0-300 GPM (0-19.0 LPS)

Product Detail

1.5" and 2" Angle Valves