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Tower Snow Gun Conversions & Adapters

mount Ratnik snow guns onto your existing posts.

With Ratnik tower adapters, you can easily install Ratnik Sky Giant II, Sky Giant II+II, Sky Giant III, Sky Giant III+III, Sky Giant VI and Sky Giant VI-M tower guns and connect them to your current tower mounts. You can even install Ratnik air/water Snow Giant II and Baby Snow Giant X-2 snow guns on your current tower mounts with our tower adapters and new interchangeable Flanged Snow Gun Head System. Whether you have 3″ posts, 4″ posts, or HKD lean-out brackets on your mountain, we have the right adapter for your particular needs.


  • Different brands of gun towers can be converted to a Ratnik flanged tower. We can adapt a variety of guns.

  • Ratnik offers a full range of adapters to make it easy to mount Ratnik Snow Guns onto your existing posts. We can also custom assemble almost anything you need for mounting purposes in our world-class manufacturing facility.

  • Ratnik engineers have successfully resolved a wide range of tower gun mounting scenarios and would be pleased to assist you with your specific design needs.

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