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System Master Planning and Design

Every slope is different. Ratnik's engineering team can tackle any variable.

Every mountain and snow resort is unique with regard to size, climate, energy costs, and snow needs. Ratnik engineers will analyze these variables to develop a long-range master plan and snowmaking system design for your specific needs. In order to determine accurate project costs, Ratnik engineers will obtain current costs on major snowmaking system components before preparing a preliminary system design.

A Snowmaking System Master Plan typically covers a multi-year period and answers the following questions in various phases:

  • What trails and slopes are going to be covered?
  • How much water is going to be needed? Where will water come from and are reservoirs required?
  • How much snow needs to be made by various dates in order to meet the management’s opening schedule?
  • Based upon site long-term weather history studies, how much compressed air or how many fan guns will it take to make the snow required in a good winter (cold temperature) and in a warm temperature winter?
  • What type of air/water, low energy or fan snow guns are best suited for the site to get the job done?
  • What energy will be required and where will it come from?
  • What are the estimated system installed costs, operating costs, and expected maintenance costs?
  • What is the impact to the environment, if any?

Our snowmaking master plan services available include preparation of specifications, mountain pipeline design, pump and compressor building design, and electrical power distribution analysis.

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