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Soft, Lay-Flat Hose

specifically designed for the snow resort industry.

Ratnik is a supplier of patented, top-quality snowmaking hose.


  • The inner lining of our snow hose is extruded thru-the-weave of the inside jacket with a specially developed elastomer to provide exceptional strength. No adhesive is used between the inner liner and the jacket of our snow hose.

  • The patented extruded inner liner and jacket of our snow hose is 25 lbs. minimum to eliminate liner separation.

  • Hose liner of our snow hose remains flexible at cold temperatures.

  • All hose is tested at 800 PSI and certified by ISO-9001 manufacturing standards.

  • Minimum burst pressure for hose is 1600 PSI.

  • All hose is lightweight, kink resistant, and easy to handle—a 50-foot length of 2” dia. hose weighs just 17 lbs.

  • Available in 1 ½” and 2” dia. coupled and uncoupled—custom lengths, sizes and colors available.

  • Made in the USA.

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Soft, Lay-Flat Hose

Soft, Lay-Flat Hose