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SnoControl Monitoring and Data Acquisition Systems

Every slope is different. Ratnik's engineering team can tackle any variable.

Ratnik Industries is proud to introduce the latest version of our SnoControl Monitoring and Data Acquisition System. SnoControl is a fully customized operator interface system that provides snowmaking personnel with a simple and effective means to control, monitor and collect snowmaking data from an entire snowmaking system.

In recent years, increasing application of Programmable Logic Controllers (“PLC”s), weather stations, and sensors in snowmaking systems has created a need for all of these devices to be integrated into a single process control system. In response to this need, Ratnik engineers developed the SnoControl Monitoring and Data Acquisition System. The Ratnik SnoControl System integrates a variety of devices existing in multiple building and sensor sites into a single control system.


  • Provides operational flexibility and productivity by allowing multiple buildings to be monitored from a single location.

  • Devices can be linked by cable, fiber optic, or wireless communication methods.

  • Interface options include both touchscreens and PC-based software.

  • SnoControl collects and stores operational data for management analysis.

  • View and collect critical snowmaking system data.

  • Monitor remote pump and compressor buildings and weather stations.

  • Automatically control VFD pumps and cooling systems.

  • The SnoControl System is modular and expandable. Systems can start small and be easily expanded.

  • The SnoControl System is fully customized and tailored to meet each customer's specific requirements.

Product Detail

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