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Sky Giant VI

New Nucleating System has been designed to use less compressed air

Four Stages of Snowmaking!

Four multi-valve adjustable stages of snowmaking are built into the new Sky Giant VI Snow Gun to yield a higher water to snow conversion rate per KW.

  • Four multi-valve adjustable stages are built in.
  • The nucleating nozzle system is removable with two screws.
  • All nozzles are designed for 850 PSI (60 bar) operating pressure.
  • Standard tower height is 20 feet (6M).
  • Sled mounted units are 14 feet (4.3M) high.
  • Water nozzles are available from 16 GPM (1.01 LPS) to 94 GPM (5.93 LPS).
  • Compressed air can vary from 18.0 CFM (.051 M3/min) at 90 PSI (6.3 bar) to 44.0 CFM (.0122 M3/min) at 100 PSI.


  • Four stage multi-valve adjustability allows you to easily adjust your snow during ever-changing conditions.

  • High GPM/KW ratio. Higher water to snow conversion rate per KW than most commercial snow towers.

  • Excellent marginal temperature performance. The Sky Giant VI gun can usually start making snow at 28°F (-2.2°C) wet bulb temperature.

  • Greater snow projection. Snow projection is further and in a tighter pattern than most snow guns on the market.

  • The gun assembly resists formation of snow and ice.

  • Built-in water filter is cleaned automatically at shut down.

Product Detail

Multi-valve Stages One and Two

Multi-valve stage One, Two and Three

Multi-valve Four Stages Operating

Low Energy Sky Giant VI

Sky Giant VI Tower on Sled

Sky Giant VI Towers on Sleds

Sky Giant VI Towers at Tubing Park

Tubing Park made with Sky Giant VI Towers

Sky Giant VI Tower

Energy Efficiency