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Portable Snow Gun Test Sled

Compatible with all brands and types of snow guns

Use the Ratnik Portable Snow Gun Test Sled with any snow gun on your mountain to get the most accurate energy consumption readings available in the snowmaking industry today.

Forget bouncing spring flowmeters and incorrect data readings-go modern with Ratnik ‘s digital display that provides consistent, accurate air and water flow data!


  • Provides you with the data on:

    • Air Flow (CFM or M3/MIN)
    • Water Flow (GPM or LPS)
    • Water Temperature (F° or C° )
    • Air Temperature (F° or C° )
    • Air Pressure (PSI or BAR)
    • Water Pressure (PSI or BAR)
  • Allows you to calculate energy consumption of each snow gun on your mountain, so you can fine-tune your snowmaking operations and cut energy costs.

  • Extremely portable-powered by rechargeable batteries- no need for electrical outlets.

  • To use the portable test sled, simply connect it to your snow gun's existing hose connections for in-line testing.

  • Compatible with all brands/types of snow guns:

    • Fan Guns
    • Tower Guns
    • Sled Mounted Guns
    • Automated Guns
    • Permanently Mounted Guns
    • Portable Guns
  • Made in the USA.

Additional Specs

Quality Features

1-1/2" or 2" dia. Foxboro brand (or equivalent) vortex compressed air meter
- 90-1,200 CFM flow range
- Calibrated for 90 PSI
- Compressed air at 40°F
- LCD flow display in CFM
- Powered by rechargeable batteries
- ANSI class 600# rated, 225 GPM + flow capacity

2" dia. Foxboro brand (or equivalent) vortex water meter
- ANSI class 600# rated, 225 GPM + flow capacity (10 PSI AP @ 225 GPM)
- LCD flow display in GPM
- Powered by rechargeable batteries

Pressure and temperature gauges
- 2" dia. liquid-filled pressure gauges with snubbers

Inlet and outlet piping
- 2" schedule 80 galvanized steel piping on water line
- 2" schedule 40 galvanized steel piping on air line
- 2" dia. high pressure rated quick-connect camlock fittings

Ratnik mid-size sled
- Includes mounting hardware for all meters