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Baby Snow Giant II+II

Create a High Quality Snow Surface on Your slopes, Even in Warm Weather Conditions.

Gain the ability to make snow at warm temperatures with the Ratnik Mid-Energy Baby Snow Giant II + II Snow Gun. Increase your snowmaking efficiency by up to 40% with tower guns as compared to sled guns.

Tower Gun on Large Sled = Head is 8 feet high – (231 pounds)
Gun barrel-only on Mid-Size Sled = Head is 3 feet high – (90 pounds)
Tower mounted only = 12 ½ feet high flanged head – (68 pounds)
Tower mounted plus 5 foot stand = Head is 16 ½ feet high – (85 pounds)


  • Make snow at 31°F (-.6 C) Wet Bulb Ambient temperature.

  • Use on a sled or mount as a tower.

  • Uses low pressure water.

  • Converts up to 100.0 GPM (380.0 LPM) of water to snow.

  • The operating angle is adjustable for wind conditions, etc.

  • Save up to 57% or more of compressed air compared to old Ratnik Snow Giant II's, Snow Giant II+II's and other competitive air/water snow guns.

  • Operate fewer snow towers and save labor.

Product Detail

Baby Snow Giant II+II

Baby Snow Giant II+II Gun Barrel only, on Mid-Sized Sled

Baby Snow Giant II+II on Large Sled

Baby Snow Giant II+II Tower Mounted plus Foot Stand

Baby Snow Giant II+II Tower Mounted

Baby Snow Giant II+II Tower Mounted