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Automatic Pumping Systems

Powerful software tailored to your system

Automate your snowmaking pump station with Ratnik variable speed motor controls. Ratnik offers the advantages of a single-vendor solution – start to finish expertise, no compatibility problems.

Ratnik Automatic Pumping Systems are designed to handle the rigorous duties associated with high pressure snowmaking pumping systems. They utilize powerful software and sophisticated microprocessor controls to automatically regulate snowmaking pump stations. Most importantly, these user-friendly systems are designed so that operation and adjustments are simple and require minimal training of personnel. The PLC-based architecture of these systems also offers virtually unlimited expansion possibilities.

The main components of each system are:

  • The microprocessor controller.
  • The variable frequency drive (VFD.)
  • A set of sensors.
  • One or more snowmaking water pumps.

How does the system work?

The Ratnik pump control program resides in the main pump controller. The pump controller utilizes a PLC (programmable logic controller) to carry out the pump control functions. The user enters the desired pump station discharge pressure. Various sensors installed in the pump station relay feedback signals to the controller. The controller compares actual pump system operations against the pressure setpoint entered by the user. If there is any deviation from the user-defined setpoint, the PLC program will take corrective action and adjust the discharge pressure accordingly. If capacity of less than one pump is required, the controller will slow the speed of the lead pump using the VFD while still maintaining the setpoint pressure, providing valuable energy savings. As flow demand increases to the full capacity of the lead pump, the controller will signal the VFD to operate at 100% of rated speed. As flow demand further increases beyond the capacity of the lead pump, a constant speed pump will be turned on and the lead pump will slow down in speed to maintain the desired setpoint pressure. This sequence is repeated until the water pumping demand from the snow guns reaches the total capacity of the pump station. The sequence is then reversed as demand from snow guns is reduced. The controller automaticallly makes constant adjustments to maintain the desired setpoint discharge pressure.


  • Operate your snowmaking pump station automatically and save time and labor costs.

  • Pre-programmed alarms that indicate low pressure, low sump level, high pressure, and high motor current can be incorporated into each system for additional safety.

  • Electronic sensors constantly monitor pump station operations and trigger pre-programmed alarms and shut-down as needed.

  • Deliver constant pressure to your snowmaking equipment to achieve consistent snow quality.

  • Save energy each time that you use less than full pump capacity.

  • One PLC system controller can control up to eight (8) pumps in a system in automatic mode.

  • No pneumatic back-pressure or bypass valves are required.

  • No water is bypassed, resulting in higher efficiency.

Additional Specs

System controller (touch-screen control panel) features:

- PLC-based system provides high reliability
- Can be mounted within the VFD cabinet or supplied separately for remote mounting.
- Pre-wired and factory-tested prior to shipment.
- Touch-screen user interface is easy to read and operate.
- Requires little training to master system operation.
- Password-protected setup screens limit access to advanced parameters.
- Most advanced pump station adjustments can be accomplished by local personnel with phone assistance from a technician or via modem.
- Typically includes on-site visit at initial system start-up for assistance with final adjustments and training.

Additional options available:

- Ability to monitor field sensors such as flowmeters, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors from the touch-screen control panel.
- Ability to monitor ambient weather conditions such as temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and wind direction from the touch-screen control panel.
- Ability to control other devices, such as VFD-driven aftercoolers and remote booster pumps, from the touch-screen control panel.
- Ability to log and perform trend analysis on data from system sensors and variables (requires an additional PC).
- System can be modified to automate pump systems controlled by pneumatic control valves.

Product Detail

Automatic Two (2) Pump System

Pumps: 200 H.P. (150 KW) Each
Capacity: 1,000 GPM (63 LPS)

System Controller Touch-Screen Control Panel

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cabinet